George Carlin er død

George Carlin – en af de skarpeste, mest respektløse og sjoveste komikere er død, 71 år gammel. Manden for hvem intet var helligt.

Der er ikke så meget at sige – andet end Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker og Tits.

(via pharyngula)

Ateisten der svarede igen

Jeg refererede for en uges tid siden Scott Adams indlæg om ateisme. Jeg syntes faktisk, det var interessant. Jeg tog fejl. Tak ske gud og lov for kloge mennesker. PZ Myers svarer – som sædvanlig uden at lægge fingrene imellem:

You don’t have to be 100% certain to be able to dismiss the rantings of bearded prophets as lacking grounds for concern. We usually develop an intellectual discriminatory filter that allows us to screen out the silly threats from the real ones; religion is a massive perforation in that sensible screen that encourages people to ignore evidence and accept Imaginary Improbabilities as Inarguable Inevitabilities. Rejecting it should be regarded as an important issue of self-defense.

But then, we have churchly institutions that make gullibility a sacrament and worship the holy gaps in our rationality, and urge their believers to widen and deepen their credulity to let the invisible imaginary beings in. We also have a fair number of people, like certain cartoonists, who are simply not smart enough to grasp simple ideas, even if they are uncontaminated by the preachings of a church. (Pharyngula: Scott Adams Wanks Again)

Amen (!).