Distributed Cognition and the Social Web

One of the best talks from #reboot10 is now viewable online. It was a talk by Brynn Evans (@bmevans, blog) on distributed cognition and the social web.

Brynn Evans is a ph.d. student, approaching the study of people and the social web with theories and methods based in anthropology. Her talk was easily related to the methods and approaches I’ve tried to apply in my own thesis – which off course is why this talk was one of the few that ‘stuck’ with me (apart from being interesting in general, naturally 🙂 )

(embedding seems buggy, if you can’t see the video here, it’s online at the reboot website as well)

(Only problem was that I actually went out and bought that book on how crews on navyships learn. And the amount of things I didn’t want to know about sailing and navigating I now know is WAY to high… 😉 )