8 tanker om “Glamour aka The Bold and The Beautiful”

  1. Hi there, I was really, I don’t know what to say actually, it was a very chaotic relationship and in the middle of the story I was confused already who love who and who made love to whom. LOL….So confusing!!

  2. Haha 😀 After two minutes my head was spinning. My mother used to watch this when I was a child, so I think I ended up sitting through a good few episodes back in the late 80s. At least I recognised the characters…

  3. Hæ. Må tilstå, at jeg så mere end ét afsnit af den serie for 20 år siden. Det mest imponerende er faktisk, at den har kunnet overleve så længe. Vist nok endda med de samme skuespillere i hovedrollerne.

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