Twitter – ugentlig opdatering fra 2009-02-01

  • baking. While it’s snowing outside (!). #
  • enjoying a Braunstein IPA @ Cafe Mandela #
  • lunch at La Cocotte – not bad. Not bad at all. #
  • is all about work today #
  • is in repair #
  • just seen proof: There’s a LOT of money in online porn (!) #
  • – new job!; starting as webmaster at on feb. 9th! #
  • doing the books for one who does the books for others… #
  • no more work tonight – catching up on “The Daily Show” #
  • Wish I had a wpmu site to upgrade right now: RT @andrea_r: RT @donncha: WordPress MU 2.7 now: #
  • switching back and forth between #twhirl (new beta) and #destroytwitter clients. Can’t decide which one to keep 😉 #
  • writing a report on ineffective workflow and time tracking in (undisclosed) firm, how to improve it – and be able to bill clients more $ #
  • (to the Danes: Måneder skrives da ikke med stort på dansk, eller hva’?) #
  • listening to Nick Drake. You really should too! ( ) #
  • got a new home, ordered a bed, some of my stuff, picking up the rest tomorrow, still need to buy tons of stuff #

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