Twitter – ugentlig opdatering fra 2009-01-25

  • Aaah. Coffee. From my Pantone 239C mug. (And for those of you without a Pantone reference chart at hand: The mug is pink. #
  • unpacking (some of) my stuff for the first time in 2½ months… It feels GOOD! #
  • Just saw – among other things – a live reenactment of a scene from chapter 22 of ‘poul og nulle i hullet’. Magnificent :). Lisbet says … #
  • Looking forward to attending Salon K at Kaleidoskop tonight – 🙂 #
  • got the keys for my new place. Planning ensues. Feeling quite beside myself today, though… #
  • going to pick up the keys to my new place today. Moving tomorrow. Yay! #
  • RT @migger: må lige retweete @Kahrzdn s link til et velskrevet og særdeles aktuelt blogindlæg om www-censur. #
  • RT @emme for rendyrket nørdethed: “Årh hvad! Scrabble keyboard:
  • picking up my long-lost luggage at the airport today. yay! #
  • RT @destroytoday: DestroyTwitter 1.2 release! #
  • RT @ilovetypography: using this great little FF extension to find unused CSS selectors (rules): #
  • ’nuff balancing of creditor accounts (thanks @risager 😉 ) for today. Gotta prepare for interview tomorrow! #
  • tilbage til at afstemme kreditorkonti – and needs a dk-uk business dictionary to be able to say that in English 😉 #
  • Was inspired by Nicolas; listening to “Radio Klezmer”: #
  • got more important things to do than watch an american put his hand on a bible today #
  • RT @tveskov: TDC blokerer Teh Pirate Bay? (Hvor er de danske avisartikler om dette?) #
  • nice list – RT @mashable: 20 Great Free WordPress 2.7 Themes ( ) #
  • Mini-review: Gomorra – – amazing movie. Not an ounce of sentimentality. Masterful and mean italian flick. 8/10. #
  • at work, but nowhere near being in ‘flow’ #

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